Quiz: Which One of These People Does NOT Belong in This Bible Story?
Which One of These People Does NOT Belong in This Bible Story?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Jon Behrens

About This Quiz

The Good Book has an awful lot of stories in it, and many of them contain an entire cast of characters. Indeed, if the Bible were a Hollywood TV series, many of the book's main figures - God, Moses, Jesus, etc - would be considered core cast, as they appear in multiple tales. Others, such as Job, should be regarded as more of a "guest star": They show up and star in a single short book, but they don't appear again and they're not even the parent or descendant of another key character. Some characters are never the star of their own story, but they are more like recurring figures, such as archangels Michael and Gabriel, who pop up to influence the outcome of other books.

This quiz is about all of them, but it's also about the least-known characters in the Bible: the speaking extras, if you will. They're the ones who pop up in a single story, speak a few lines, maybe interact with the hero a little, and then disappear, never to recur. More than anything though, this is a quiz about characters who belong in one story, but might look like they fit in another - or not, depending on how well you know the stories. So let's see if you've got your Bible down, or if you need a holy refresher!

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