Quiz: Which Original Star Trek Character are you?
Which Original Star Trek Character are you?
By: Artimis Charvet
Image: Movie DB / TheTVDB Bot

About This Quiz

Gene Roddenberry created "Star Trek" in the 1960's, and "The Original Series" made quite a splash. It was a cult hit that soon expanded beyond its original base. It achieved unbelievable things: the first interracial kiss on a screen, a depiction of a Russian cooperating with a team of Americans that was broadcast at the height of the Cold War, a world in which women were equals and could command starships. 

The show cast a spell on us with its promise of frontiers yet unexplored, enemies yet defeated, and a planetary society in which poverty has been eliminated and all of humanity has united to work toward the next great stage of our evolution. Most of all, people loved it then and still love it today because it spun a cracking good yarn. It appealed to the best in us: to logic, to love, to the spirit of adventure that made America what it is today. It's no surprise that the series counted Martin Luther King himself among one of its most devoted fans.

"The Original Series" centered on the crew of the Enterprise, which was named in honor of a variety of other ships going back to 1705 and Lord Nelson. An intrepid, but rather cheeky captain led a multinational, multiracial, all-gender, inter-species crew to boldly go where no man had gone before. From his very logical science officer to his somewhat fraught chief engineer to his superbly competent chief communications officer, Captain James T. Kirk was blessed with a crew of truly exceptional people. Let's find out which of them you most resemble!

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An out-of-control trolley will soon hit five people tied to the tracks unless you pull a lever that will make it switch tracks, where it will hit one person. What do you do?

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In another life I might have been...

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How do you deal with an unsatisfactory grade?

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If time and money were no constraint, which would you study?

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What is your favorite subject at school?

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Which of these hobbies would you enjoy most?

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How would you describe yourself?

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If you could work on a starship, what post would you choose?

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If you were stranded on a foreign planet, what would you do first?

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You land on an alien world where everyone either always lies or always tells the truth. You meet Gene and Harlan. Harlan says they are both liars. Who is what?

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Do you get angry easily?

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Choose a uniform color:

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Are you better with your mind or your body?

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What kind of a wild pet would you have?

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What's your favorite movie?

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Are you very emotional?

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