Which Outlander Character Are You?

Zoe Samuel

How squeamish are you when it comes to gory things?

If you found out that time travel was real, could you keep that a secret?

Could you survive being in the wrong marriage for years?

Can you have power of life and death over another person without misusing it?

Would you call yourself a feminist?

What do you do when you see an injustice?

"Outlander" characters have to deal with the prospect of witches. What's your take on witchcraft?

Do you think time travel will be proven possible in our lifetimes?

Who would you say are history's number one villains?

What's your favorite way to travel?

When you're in the wilderness, do you know which plants are poisonous?

Could you ride a particularly feisty horse?

One of your traveling companions is injured! Can you help patch them up?

You're going to a fancy ball. How do you feel about your etiquette?

Could you swim from a ship to the shore?

What sort of climate do you like to live in?

Would you move halfway round the world for the right person?

The families in "Outlander" are complex. How close are you with yours?

Have you ever been in love?

What is the most terrible sacrifice you've made for love?

In what outfit do you feel like a totally badass boss?

In 18th century Scotland, superstition ruled. How could you deal with that?

Do you dream of conquering the world?

There are plenty of aristocrats in the "Outlander" world. How much would you like to have a title?

When all is lost and you can't see a way out of the darkness, how do you react?

How much do you care what others think of you?

Do you worry that your mother is disappointed in you?

What one technology would you never give up unless you absolutely had to?

How well does your accent typically fit in with your surroundings?

Which country's citizenship do you think is the best one to have?

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Image: Starz

About This Quiz

The hit series "Outlander" has already enjoyed four incredible seasons on Starz, bringing to life Diana Gabaldon's historical time travel romance. As showrunner Ron Moore noted, the books represented a particularly difficult challenge when it came to adapting them for TV. They take place in multiple periods and cultures in the past, from postwar Britain to the time of the clans in the Scottish Highlands, from pre-Revolutionary France to colonial America. They were written in the 1980s, meaning that they can seem somewhat out of date, and elements around race, feminism and colonialism had to be updated for the modern screen.

Still, the producers pulled it off, and the result is a beautiful show that features believable characters who remain relatable in spite of their thoroughly improbable situation. Indeed, it's these characters who make time really fly. Even as Claire struggles to survive in 18-century Scotland, she acquires not just a husband in the form of the studly Jamie, but also true friends and eventually a bold and beautiful daughter - and we all root for them all to survive and even thrive!

At heart, "Outlander" is all about how there are many kinds of strength and courage, from fighting for a cause to holding fast to the truth even when you know people think you're crazy, from running away when you must to risking it all for love when you can. That means no matter who you are, "Outlander" contains a character who embodies the sort of hero you have inside you. Which of them are you? Let's find out!

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