Which Overwatch Character are you? Quiz

Ashley D

When Overwatch was disbanded six years ago, how did you feel?​

How do you prefer to resolve a conflict?

How did you obtain your skill set?

Which of the following would be your battle song?

Pick a weapon.

What do you fight for?

Which describes you best?

What sets you off?

What is your battle strategy?

Before joining Overwatch where were you raised?

Your best friend is a...

Which of these colors would you like to use in your costume?

Which would you prefer to participate in?

Pick a position.

Pick the word you relate to most.

What's your favorite Blizzard Franchise?

What race would you prefer to be in WOW?

Choose a super power.

What kind of job would you prefer?

Which is least like you?

What do you worry about?

Why do you fight?

What do you prefer as background noise?

Which of these is closest to your current job?

What do you desire most?

Pick a WOW class.

Pick a Team Fortress 2 character.

Which sport would you prefer to play?

How many people are on your hate list?

How do you react when someone cuts you off on the highway?

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About This Quiz

Are you a fan of "Overwatch?" Have you imagined yourself as one of the characters in the game? Take this quiz to see if we agree with your assessment of yourself as one of the "Overwatch" characters.

One of the best thing about today's first-person shooter games is that they enable the player to put him/herself in the shoes of the shooter. It's like being live inside the game. This might be why the development of characters is popular video games.

We could argue that the fact that "Overwatch" is an animated game and not one that looks like real life would make it somewhat difficult to imagine oneself as one of the characters, but we're talking personality here, not physical characteristics. Well, that is, unless you really do resemble an animated character, in which case, that's none of our business. 

But perhaps one of the things that most supports the characters as relatable is the fact that Blizzard plans to release a series of graphic novels that highlight the characters and their adventures. Hey, graphic novels - isn't that how "The Walking Dead" started? Should we get ready for an "Overwatch" television series?

Let's get started to find out which "Overwatch" character you most resemble.

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