Quiz: Which Pagan God Are You?
Which Pagan God Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Most major monotheistic religions see their god(s) as unknowable, distant creatures whose thoughts and feelings, if they can be called thoughts and feelings, are completely alien to the human race. However, the god of Abraham shows few human characteristics, despite having "created Adam in his own image."

This is not so with the pagan gods. Most cultures that produced pagan deities imbued those gods with human characteristics like spite, love, obsession, and despair. These gods, in addition to their personalities, were specialists. Some gods saw to nature, others to aspects of culture. Some gods oversaw frogs and lizards while others saw to storms and floods. Many cultures produced similar gods, but no two cultures produced gods who were exactly the same.

Our team of theologians and personality experts have devised a quiz that will delve into your psyche and draw out your most dominant characteristics. It will bring into high relief your chief concerns, skills, and interests. We will then run this data set against our immense roll of pagan gods, culled from religions current and dead, from around the world. With this combined information we will be able to say which pagan god you are. Take this quiz, and determine your divine path!

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