Quiz: Which Periodic Element Are You?
Which Periodic Element Are You?
By: Ashley D
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

What do you do with a dead chemist? BARIUM!

If you're a fan of a little science humor, this quiz is for you! Out of all 118 elements on the periodic table, which one are you?

While the elements have been around for years and years, it wasn't until 1869 that Dimitri Mendeleev started putting the periodic table of elements together. At that point in time, all the elements were finding their proper place on this table and in the world of science.

Some elements have always been more well-known than others! How could we survive without oxygen? Who wouldn't want their pockets filled with silver and gold? What did people use as seasoning before the combination of sodium and chlorine? Are you a fresh breath of oxygen or are you a deadly shot of arsenic?

If you're strong and formidable, you're probably Fe (iron)! You're opinionated and you might be a bit stubborn, but people know they can count on you!

For those who are the perfect mix of understated and flashy, you're probably like Ne (neon)! While you don't force yourself to make a statement, when you do, you instantly light up a room!

Are you like iron or neon? You might be explosive like plutonium or extremely valuable like gold! Let's find out where you sit on the periodic table! 

You should hurry and take this quiz before your chances argon!

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