Which Periodic Element Are You?

Tori Highley

Which living scientist do you want to meet?

Which gaseous planet is your favorite?

Which physical law do you remember the best?

What is your favorite part of an atom?

Which field of science are you most comfortable with?

If you found a fossil in your backyard, where would you post a picture of it?

Which of Aristotle's earthly elements do you most connect to?

Which prime number do you like the most?

Which Smithsonian museum would you rather visit?

Which source of Potassium would you rather get for muscle cramps?

Which part of a plant cell is your favorite?

Which rocky planet is your favorite?

Which cool science accessory would you rock everyday?

What do you drink your coffee out of?

Which math-using hobby do you love?

Which of these shows featuring scientists is your favorite to binge watch?

Which historic mathematician is your favorite?

Which light phenomena is your favorite to witness?

Who is your favorite scientist superhero?

Which space movie did you enjoy the most?

Which kitchen science experiment is your favorite to show kids?

Which moon is your favorite?

What is your favorite constellation?

Which programming language is your favorite?

Which fictional book do you love the most?

Which game do you most often play with your friends?

Which famous science communicator do you admire most?

What is your favorite source of renewable energy?

Which dinosaur is your favorite?

Where do you play video games the most?

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About This Quiz

While the periodic table of elements might seem boring, the elements can be fiery and reactive just like people. Take this quiz to find out which element you are most like!

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