Which Opposite Personality Do You Attract?

Brian Whitney

What traits do most of the people you have dated have?

Are you open to meeting new people?

What are you like when you first start dating?

What would you do on a typical weekend?

Do you tend to argue when in a relationship?

Do you think about being successful a lot?

Do you find it easy to talk to new people?

Do you like sappy movies?

Where do your dates usually want to go on a date?

Where do you want to go on a date?

What would someone opposite you be?

Would you want to go camping on a date?

Do people in your life say you need to save more money?

Would it bother you if your date yelled "Woo"! at the top of their lungs?

Are you a good gift giver?

What movie would you most like to see?

How would you work out?

How often do you like to nap?

Have you ever been described as a slacker?

What would you be most likely to drink?

What have you been told about yourself?

What would be a Christmas present you would never use?

How often do you cry?

What would you do if your food was not cooked right at a restaurant?

What do people you date tend to do?

What sport do you like best?

Do you get stressed a lot?

Do you often sleep until noon?

Do you like parties?

Would you make a good social worker?

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About This Quiz

While it is said that opposites attract, it seems that lately just about everyone in your orbit seems to have nothing in common with you at all. Sure they are opposite, but what kind of opposite are they?

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