Quiz: Which Pin-Up Hairdo Should You Be Rocking?
Which Pin-Up Hairdo Should You Be Rocking?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you've always wondered what sort of pin-up hairstyle you should rock, look no further than this quiz! With our extensive knowledge of pin-up beauty and fashion, we'll be able to match your personality, your hair type, and your lifestyle to the pin-up 'do that would stop traffic once you start rocking it. Only your answers will tell whether you should sport Victory Rolls or a Rosie the Riveter style bandana updo! 

Hailing from simpler times, pin-up style has always been on the cutting edge and remains one of the hottest looks around! From the high and proud looking bouffant to the sleek and sharp style of super short bangs, there's a pin-up hairstyle for every head of hair! The trick is to find the pin-up look that reflects you and the way you live your life the best. Throughout our questions, we'll pick up little bits of information about you that will point in the direction of the pin-up style you would gracefully bring into a more modern look! 

There's no need to get all dressed up to find out your perfect pin-up hairdo! Our quiz doesn't judge you on your current look! We want to help you find your future pin-up style! Are you ready to find out?

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