Which Polarizing NBA Star Are You?

Brian Whitney

If you're an NBA player looking good counts. How driven by fashion are you?

What are you most known for amongst your group of friends?

Would you ever get in an altercation with a fan if you were an NBA Player?

Winning matters. Are you the type that would win all sorts of championships?

How well would you get along with your teammates?

What would you do once you retired from playing the game?

What part of the country would you most like to live in?

If you were a player, what would you be most known for?

Would you ever date a cheerleader for your team?

Which one of these is your favorite old school player?

Which school sounds like the best place to go to college?

What would be your favorite reason for playing basketball?

How much are you into the three point shot?

Dunking is fun, how high can you jump?

Do you think that the Earth is flat?

Teamwork matters. Do you think that you're a good leader?

When you get pushed too far, do you ever lose your temper?

Compared to the average person, how tall are you?

Even NBA players have to eat. What sounds good for dinner?

Sneakers are important when you're a baller, which brand would you rock?

You just got benched, what do you do?

Who would you most like to be your teammate?

Which NBA Player do you think has the best hair?

What would you be most likely to do when it comes time to win the game?

Which team do you think is the greatest of all time in the NBA?

Are you the type that would taunt players from the other team?

Which of these positions might suit your skills best?

What kind of snack would you most want if you go see a game?

How well do you think you'd get along with reporters?

What kind of hops do you have?

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Image: Pexels / Pixabay

About This Quiz

To many people, the quality of basketball played in the  NBA makes it the best sport in the world. Some of the players are just straight up awesome and the game itself keeps getting more exciting all the time. But what really makes the game is the players. 

Of course, we all have our favorite teams, but it's hard for us fans to agree on which players we love the most. This is true with every NBA star, some people don't even think LeBron James is all that good, but then they're other players that just really get people worked up. A good example of a polarizing player is Rajon Rondo. People love him or hate him. Back when he was playing for the Celtics, people either thought Rajon Rondo was awesome, or that he was the worst point guard in the league. 

Which polarizing star would you be? Mayke Kyrie Irving, who some people think is just amazing and others think is a total flake? Maybe Dwight Howard, who is considered a great center by some and a total stiff by others? Or maybe Draymond Green, who some people think is awesome and hilarious, while others think he is plain old bad and a total loudmouth? 

Time to take your shot. Take this quiz and we'll tell you what polarizing player you are.

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