Which Political System Suits You the Most?

Zoe Samuel

Do you like being told what to do?

Who knows best?

How do you and your boo decide what's for dinner?

Which TV show do you like best?

Which movie do you want to watch?

Which movie's main character would you like to actually be?

How do you feel about the Disney Princesses?

Who's your role model?

Which is better: 'The Call of the Wild' (a story of a domestic dog who becomes leader of a wild wolf pack), or 'White Fang' (the story of a wild wolf who becomes a domestic pet)?

Which animal has the right idea?

A tree falls over in your street. Who should deal with it?

Which is your favorite dining style?

How should people dress?

What's your ideal vacation?

Which architecture style suits you?

Who's the biggest threat to society?

What's your favorite music?

Which landscape is most comfortable?

Which form of discipline is used in your ideal household: spanking, caning, time out, ostracizing, grounding, taking away an allowance?

Which of these should the state ban: extramarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, underage sex?

Which of these empires do you secretly wish you could've lived under?

If it were legal and culturally accepted to own a slave, would you?

Does absolute power corrupt?

What charity do you support?

If your neighbor's music is too loud, what do you do?

What sort of big cat do you like?

Do you always vote if you can?

Which city would you live in circa 1925?

Should people get plastic surgery?

What is capitalism?

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About This Quiz

We've gotten pretty used to the idea that democracy is where most societies end up. Still, of all the people ever to live since the dawn of civilization, the majority lived under different political systems. Might one of those suit you, or are you democratic through and through? Take this quiz to find out!

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