Which Pope Are You Most Like?

Zoe Samuel

Are you a born leader?

Can you succeed in a male-dominated world?

Do you question the status quo?

Who finds you inspiring?

Who inspires you?

Are rules for the little people?

Do you love a bribe?

What's the job of Pope about to you?

Do you give to charity?

Do you speak truth to power?

Do you have a sense of humor?

Have you ever been fired unfairly?

Have you ever stolen from your work?

Have you ever lied to get a job?

Have you ever bribed anyone?

How do you and God get on?

Do you love hats?

Do you look good in white silk?

How are your foot-washing skills?

Do you speak Latin?

What other languages do you speak?

Could you win a popularity contest?

Could you hide who you are for years?

How do you feel about LGBT people?

Do you have any divorced friends?

Do you care about the planet?

Do you love animals?

Which do you love more: praying, or money?

Do you like making life really difficult for X group of people as a way of bringing Y group of people together?

How Christlike are you really?

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About This Quiz

There's always a pope, and while they may look alike, they each bring their own personalities to the throne of Saint Peter. Which pope do you most resemble?

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