Which Predator Is Your Spirit Animal?

Teresa McGlothlin

Which of the big cats are you most like?

Which of your senses is most sensitive?

Do you have any pets?

Are you easily angered?

What is your leadership style?

Which bird is most beautiful?

Which farm animal is the most fun?

How would you describe your sense of humor?

What do you like about dogs?

Which reptile is most fascinating?

Are you a good swimmer?

Do you take a lot of naps?

What would be your zoo job?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

What are you like in relationships?

Which critter is the scariest?

How do you feel about sushi?

Which of your traits is strongest?

What kind of student were you?

Which marine creature is most interesting?

Are you ever late for work?

Which word describes your boss?

Are you a people person?

How fast can you run?

What kind of vacation would you prefer?

Would you rather have a pet hamster or a pet snake?

Which element are you more in touch with?

Do you ever break the rules?

Which superpower would you rather have?

Which woodlands creature would you eat?

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Image: Tom Brakefield/DigitalVision/GettyImages

About This Quiz

While there are people who love having docile animals like the housecat or a bunny as their spirit animals, others need something more substantial to identify with. Some of us need a predator that understands our primal instincts. After we learn all about your inner spirit, we'll match you with the predator you are most like! 

When life is throwing you a challenge, do you lunge like a crocodile or swim around trouble like a shark? Tell us all about your animal instincts, your feelings toward animals and your enormous personality and we'll tell you which predator could be your twin. We will examine your inner world with our questions, and we will match you with the powerful predator that might accept you into the pack. 

When you see the possible responses, use your most primal instincts to answer. It is only after seeing how bold and brave you are that we will be able to figure out the spirit animal that correctly represents you. All along the way, you will leave small clues. Like an animal in the wild, we will track you and link you to your spirit predator. Which one will it be? Sharpen your claws, and find out! 

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