Which Prehistoric Creature Are You?

By: Zoe Samuel

How scary are you?

Are people more scared of you than they should be?

How cuddly are you?

How glamorous are you?

How imposing are you?

How respected are you in your field?

Do you surprise people a lot?

How kind are you?

Are you slow to anger?

Do you like confrontation?

What do you eat?

What landscape do you like?

How solitary are you?

How modern are you?

How furry are you?

Are you adaptable?

If you went extinct, why would that be?

Do people often underestimate you?

Do you believe in live and let live?

What thing really annoys you?

What think annoys most people, that you don't find annoying at all?

Do you like your family?

Do you care about your legacy?

How famous are you?

Do you have a really cool name?

Do you aspire to have a character in a movie named after you?

What modern animal do you have?

Do you love all mankind?

How tolerant are you?

Are you savage?

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Image: Collage; Smilodon, Woolly Mammoth, Terror Bird

About This Quiz

Plenty of animals are around today whose traits you might want to channel, but what about the animals of yesteryear? From dinosaurs to mammoths to smilodons to terror birds (a real thing), which are you?

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