Quiz: Which Prince song are you? Quiz
Which Prince song are you? Quiz
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

You're going to want to start the record player and get out the purple lightbulbs for this quiz! Imagine for a second that the one and the only Prince wrote a song all about you. Would you be something sassy like Darling Nikki or more like one of the tracks from his symbol era? With one of the largest backlogs of recorded songs of any other artist, the multi-instrumental Prince could have easily written something that describes you perfectly!

Hailing from Minnesota, Prince could play nearly every instrument. His over-the-top costumes and stage shows were only outshined by his raw musical talent. Covering every genre from funk to rock, Prince was a diverse chart-topper that never let the hits stop coming. He recorded right up until his unfortunate passing in 2016, but not before influencing generations of artists! But let's get personal for a moment. 

If Prince got to know you and your personality? What would he write about you in his lyrics? Would the tempo be fast, slow, or downright funky? Throughout the quiz, we'll try to get to know you so that we can see you through Prince's eyes. Are you ready to find out what your signature Prince song might be? 

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