Quiz: Which Rare and Beautiful Stone Matches Your Spirit?
Which Rare and Beautiful Stone Matches Your Spirit?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

At nearly $15,000 a carat, diamonds are the most expensive stones in the world, but they are not all that rare. Other gems like red beryl are so unique that they come close to rivaling diamonds in value. Each precious stone has its own set of characteristics, just like you! This quiz will take your personality traits and translate your spirit into a rare and beautiful stone that you can start saving to wear! 

Since the dawn of time, humans have adorned themselves with stones and jewelry. Often traded and used as currency in native cultures, rare gems have always been considered valuable. From the mysterious glint of the black opal to the stunning opulence of alexandrite, the qualities of rare stones have been prized for centuries. 

Even more precious than a valuable stone, your inner spirit is also rare! By telling us about yourself and how your peers view you, we'll be able to match your spirit's traits with one of the world's most amazing specimens of stone. 

The way you sparkle from the inside out tells the world how amazing you are! You need a rare and beautiful gemstone to compliment your soul. Let's take a look, and you'll get a twinkling reward! 

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