Quiz: Which Region of the United States Is Meant for You?
Which Region of the United States Is Meant for You?
By: Teresa M.
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The United States often feels like 50 countries rolled into one. While individual states and even counties or cities certainly have their own specific cultural traditions and characteristics, the country as a whole often acts like several nations, each made up of a few states. Indeed, an interesting study a few years ago showed that if you track dollar bills as they pass from hand to hand, you'll see that there are certain trade "zones" within the U.S. where the same bills go round and round. They are far less likely to cross from one area to the other, looking more like currents in the ocean than parts of the same country. Similarly, a map of how people use certain vocabulary - from what they call a fizzy carbonated beverage (soda, pop, etc.) to where they mean when they say "the City" (New York, Chicago, Seattle, etc.) - shows regional clustering that transcends state lines but doesn't cover the whole country.

That means we end up with distinct regions, from the Deep South with its conservative attitudes and devout religious faith, to the simultaneously more capitalistic and progressive Northeast, to the highly individualistic culture of the former Frontier States. They each suit different personalities - so tell us about you and we'll see where you belong!

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