Which Risky Meghan Markle Look Are You?

Jennifer Post

How do you like to style your makeup?

Which color would you rather wear to a social gathering?

If you're looking for magazine, what kind are you snatching off the rack?

What dish do you make the best?

Which has been the best decade of your life so far?

Did you/do you want to go to college?

Do you take risks with your style?

For a night out on the town, what type of shoe are you going to wear?

Which member of the royal family would be your confidant while you're learning all the new rules?

Would you rather have a large collection of jewelry or clutch bags?

How would you prefer to celebrate your birthday?

Nail polish is definitely a part of personal style. What's your go-to color?

If you had a couple hours of down time, what show are you catching up on?

You're in dire need of a getaway. Where are you headed?

Charity work is a big part of being in the royal family. What type of work speaks to your soul?

Do you actually like being the center of attention?

What book do you want to cozy up with at the end of the day with a cup of tea?

Is it easy for you to speak up about political issues facing the world today?

If you could have any animal as a pet, which one would you choose?

When you and your significant other call each other by a term of endearment, which one is used most often?

Which Hogwarts house would the sorting hat put you in?

Have you always wanted a family coat of arms?

How do you prefer to wear your hair for a normal day out?

Is social media a necessary evil?

What type of movie engages you the most?

What does a romantic getaway include?

Are you a firm believer in astrology?

What's the best accessory a person can have?

How do you handle negativity aimed at you?

Staying fit is key for the royal family. What's your best way to stay healthy?

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About This Quiz

Born Rachel Meghan Markle, she is known for her pivotal role in "Suits," but she is even more known for stealing the heart of perpetual dater, Prince Harry. After being set up by friends, the two hit it off and the rest is, as they say, history. And what a history it will be! Not only is she American born, she is also divorced, which used to be a huge point of contention for the royal family. After all, the Prince of Wales before Prince Charles abdicated the throne so he could marry a divorced American. Oh, how times have changed!

But one thing that remains the same is the strict rules and guidelines that the Queen has for all official, working members of the royal family, especially the ladies. Off-the-shoulder looks are a no-no, as are pants for official engagements. Casual looks are not necessarily welcomed, but people have gotten away with it many times. The Queen is a stickler for nail polish colors, cuts of dresses and the colors of clothes worn. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has broken many of these rules. Which of her risky looks are you? Answer these questions to find out!

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