Which Royal Bride Is Your Wedding Twin?

Sameena Mughal

For your big day, what kind of veil do you want?

If you could wear a piece of jewelry from the Queen's collection for your wedding, which one would you pick?

What do you want your gown to look like?

Hair up or down?

What ring style matches your personality?

Queen, Duchess, Princess, or Dame? Which title do you claim?

Tiara or diamond choker?

Carriage or limo?

What's your something blue?

Which wedding style matches your personality?

Which wedding cake is for you?

What's your honeymoon destination?

Who is your Prince Charming?

Church wedding or destination wedding?

What flower is your wedding bouquet made of?

If you were royal, what dog would you have?

If you could pick a royal estate, which would you choose?

Bridesmaids or flower girls?

What city would you go to for a royal shopping spree?

What's your something new?

What's your something borrowed?

What's your something old?

What's your royal car?

What would your favorite royal getaway be?

If you were a royal, who would be your go-to fashion designer?

What royal hobby would you take up?

What band would you want to play for royal events?

What is your must-have wedding dessert?

What is your wedding favor?

Band or DJ?

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Image: Frank Rosenstein / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Royal weddings are like our favorite fairy tales. A beautiful princess marries her real-life Prince Charming. The whole world watches as the royal family makes their entrances. We watch royal weddings for the pomp and circumstance, the glitz and the glamor. We watch with bated breath as the royal bride walks down the aisle in the wedding dress of her dreams and ours. Like any other wedding, we look at the details. What car did they come in? What do the flowers look like? What are the guests wearing? Royal weddings are fun and help us escape to the world of royalty!

In the past few years, the next generation of royals has been giving us the grand spectacle we expect from a royal wedding. Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie all turned up the glamor volume. Let's not forget who started it all: Princess Diana. The "People's Princess" was the first royal bride to capture our imagination. All four of these lovely women have their own distinct style and personality that they brought to each of their weddings. As royal brides, they dazzled us with their hair, make-up, jewelry and, of course, their gowns. They stood out in their own unique ways.  Think about your wedding style. Take our quiz and find out which one of these royal brides is your wedding twin!

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