Which Samurai Movie Should You Watch?

Mark Lichtenstein

Do you like movies in a series?

How realistic do you like your action?

How important is the plot?

How important is dialog?

How important is art direction to you?

How important is historical accuracy to you?

How do you feel about sexism?

Do you like directors who are "names?"

How splashy do you like the fighting?

How gory do you like the fighting?

Which style of combat is your favorite?

Should the good guys win?

Should the good guys live?

Should the bad guys survive?

Should movies have a message?

Do you like adaptations?

Do mind if it's in black and white?

Do you like cartoons?

Do you like movies everyone has heard of?

Is there prestige in seeing a fairly unknown film?

Do you enjoy following specific movie stars?

Do you like to know if your film was adapted in other genres?

What would you drink while watching?

Will you cosplay?

Should it be funny at all?

Do you speak any Japanese?

How long do you want your movie to be?

What kind of weapon do you prefer?

What's your favorite Western?

What's your Japanese hobby?

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About This Quiz

Jidaigeki movies make up one of the most interesting genres in Japanese film. Ranging from the serious dramas of Kurosawa to the insane Chanbara films to modern Anime, you are spoiled for choice. Which should you watch?

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