Quiz: Which Sci-fi Robot Are You?
Which Sci-fi Robot Are You?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Science fiction or Sci-fi is a genre of speculative fiction centered around science and technology, time travel, space, extraterrestrial life and the supernatural. Some of the most successful and greatest science fiction films of all time include the "Terminator" series, the "Alien" franchise, the "Star Wars" films and of course the "Blade Runner" movies.

 One of the things that makes a science fiction movie great is the cast,  and often times, they include robots or an artificial intelligence machine that can mimic the cognitive functions of human beings. Throughout different movies, they have been both good and bad and are seen traveling through time and even putting themselves at risk. 

Some of the most popular robots who could certainly have a series of their own, are Chappie from the movie with the same name, Robocop who also has his own series, T-800 from "The Terminator," WALL-E from the self-titled movie, The Iron Giant, and the Autobot and Decepticons from "Transformers." 

Which of the robots from the many science fiction films are you most like? Will this robot be from one of your favorite series or will you have to do your research to find out who this person is? The only way to find out who it is and from what series they are is to take this quiz!

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