Quiz: Which Iconic Sci-Fi Movie Weapon Should You Wield?
Which Iconic Sci-Fi Movie Weapon Should You Wield?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Science fiction is all about picturing worlds that could be and technologies that cannot be, in order to explore how humanity would continue in the face of such circumstances. While some science fiction movies tend to honor certain more traditional types of weapons, like regular guns and swords - such as in "Alien" or "Terminator" - others dared to reimagine these or other weapons to transform the possibilities of battle - such as the "Star Wars" and even the "Predator" franchises. As special effects improve, the possibilities expand, and the only limitation is what we can imagine.

A character's choice of weapon always tells you something about who they are. If they use a sword-like weapon despite the existence of guns, they're probably somewhat traditional, or perhaps they have a magical or magic-like advantage like the Force. If they use a straight-up blaster-style gun, they're a no-frills kind of guy or gal who keeps it simple. If they have bothered to master a more complex weapon, then they're probably smart and perhaps somewhat nerdy. Some characters use a weapon that only their kind or they personally can control, which speaks to a need for mastery and also plain common sense in making sure enemies don't get hold of it. 

So tell us about you, and we'll figure out which weapon belongs in your (literal or figurative) hands!

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