Quiz: Which Sex and the City Star Are You?
Which Sex and the City Star Are You?
By: Kelly Scott
Image: Darren Star Productions HBO Original Programming

About This Quiz

Picture yourself living life as a single gal in New York City! Would you have enough shoes to rent an extra bedroom, or would you keep your wardrobe modest and manageable for a small space? The way you live your life, this one or the fictions one in The Big Apple, will help us figure out which of the women from "Sex in the City" you are inside. Once you know, you can flaunt it all over your town! 

When it comes to love, are you more practical like Miranda or more dominating like Samantha? Depending on the way you make choices, the things you like, and the way you break out the plastic will tell us which of the lovable and wild girls you live your life most like. You might not be the type to let a man tell you what to do, but you might just look at the little things because you get so swept away. No matter what, we think you will have plenty in common with New York's most fashionable foursome! 

Explain your personality to us, and we'll pair you up with your perfect "Sex and the City" character. You won't even have to spend a dime! 

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