Quiz: Which Side of the Force Are You?
Which Side of the Force Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The Jedi Council commissioned a series of questions that would assist the Padawan learners and the Jedi who were training them in assessing their progress down the path of light. Over the millennia, this quiz has evolved and expanded to the form that it now takes. While there is nothing that can replace the gut feeling that the Jedi Masters will have when you are in their presence, the following inquiries are sure to get the general idea of where you are at on your journey of learning.

You will be asked how you will deal with certain situations, which individuals you admire and aspire to emulate, and what your big-picture goals are in life. Be honest and authentic, for this is merely a tool for your own benefit. May it be a mirror into the very depths of your being.

As you already likely know, those who are drawn to the light will be focused on how their powers can be used for the greatest benefit of others, and they are more likely to have the ability to let go of anger. They will also be comfortable with facing their fears directly and will have a track record of confronting their weaknesses head-on.

Remember, as Master Yoda said, "Do or do not, there is no try." Let's begin.

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