Quiz: Which Song Really Tells the Story of Your Past?
Which Song Really Tells the Story of Your Past?
By: Brian Whtiney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

We "Can't Help Falling in Love with" these quizzes! When it comes to music, many people say it speaks to their soul. If we paired music up with your past, what would it say? More importantly, what song would be playing? Out of the hundreds of thousands of songs in the world, which song tells the story of your past?

Music has been around since the beginning of time. While it is hard to remember all the earlier styles, a lot of it is chronicled starting with classical music that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Jazz music would pop up in the late 1800s, and country music would bloom in the 1920s. The 1950s introduced rock and roll, and twenty years later, hip-hop was born in New York City.  With these genres, you have some of the most influential songs ever written! Which song would be playing for your former self?

When you think about your past, are you finding that you couldn't help falling in love with a particular person? Rather, you might've had a tough past, but your ability to overcome it might have you feeling a rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" coming on. Were you a bit of a rebel or were you living to party? Which song speaks to the former you? Let's find out! 

Whether you were falling in love or partying the days and nights away, take this quiz, and we'll guess which song tells the story of your past!

Pick up a mic and follow the tune of these questions!

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