Which "Sons Of Anarchy" Character Would You Ride or Die For?

Zoe Samuel

If you saw a stranger commit a petty crime on a shopkeeper, what would you do?

Would you be willing to bend the rules to stop someone from breaking them?

How devious are you?

What is your romantic "type"?

How close are you to your family?

How often do you feel remorse?

Have you ever broken rules you previously felt were unbreakable?

Is one man's terrorist another man's freedom fighter?

Which of the following is your number one priority?

Do you hold a grudge?

Can you walk away from the card table when you are losing?

Do you plan to retire some day?

Who do you see as your people?

How difficult is the current chapter of your life?

Do you see the world in terms of black and white?

How hard-working are you?

What motorcycle would you own?

What do you currently ride or drive?

What is your preferred weapon?

What would it take for you to call the police?

Is your enemy's enemy your friend?

Where do you draw the line?

Have you ever had an experience with the supernatural?

Do you use any mind-altering substances?

Where do you fit on the totem pole?

Would you be willing to put family or loved ones in danger?

What fate is worse than death?

How often do you lose your temper at subordinates?

Are you willing to patch things up with someone you really hated for a long time?

Are you really willing to "die" when you say you'll ride or die?

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Image: FX Productions / 20th Television

About This Quiz

Biker culture is fascinating. The term "ride or die" originally came from it, meaning one would rather die if one could not ride their bike. Today, it has come to mean more the willingness to "ride out" any situation, to the bitter end.

"Sons of Anarchy" was pitched as Hamlet, set in an outlaw biker club. Charlie Hunnam's character, Jackson Teller, is the son of the founder of the gang, and he suspects that his father was murdered by Clay, Ron Perlman's character, an old friend of Jackson's father. This essential conflict forms the core of the show for most of its life: Will Jackson see justice? Will he have revenge? Who is he willing to hurt or kill to get either of those? In the end, is justice even possible?

Caught in the midst of this is a cast of brilliantly conceived characters. There are bikers who are members of The SOA, both the founding chapter and other geographic areas. There are rival bikers, police officers, "real IRA" and the friends and family who surround all these people. All of these characters have virtues to recommend them, and flaws that make us love to hate them.

If they were real people, would you be able to stand with them? Would you side with one against the other? Would you be willing to back your chosen friend until the bitter end? Take this quiz and we will tell you which SOA character you would ride or die for.

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