Quiz: Which Star Wars Character lives within you?
Which Star Wars Character lives within you?
By: Ashley D.
Image: Movie DB /Quecksilber

About This Quiz

Since it exploded onto our screens in 1977, "Star Wars" has become one of the most successful film franchises of all time. It has raked in many billions in revenue, spawning four prequels (including "Rogue One"), two sequels (so far), a plethora of books, comics, toys, clothes, conventions, and endless video games. There are Star Wars playing cards, Star Wars cosplay challenges, and even a Star Wars world. Eventually, the behemoth was devoured by an even bigger fish and has become a property of Disney, which means it will never die as long as it continues to make money.

As magnificent as the building, directing, and sense of humor of Star Wars have always been, the main thing that we all fell in love with was the people: a brave young boy trying to follow in the footsteps of his father; a roguish thief and smuggler in search of redemption; a principled princess trying to protect her people and restore democracy to the galaxy; and of course the ultimate villain, a fallen hero who turned to the Dark Side in his weakness and has to look deep inside himself to find that remaining flicker of goodness. 

We've all grown up with them, and we know them as well as we know some of our friends. So let's find out which of them you are the most like!

2.0 of 25
It looks like your friend might get in a fight, you...

3.0 of 25
When presented with new things are you more open-minded or more skeptical?

5.0 of 25

7.0 of 25
What's your greatest strength?

8.0 of 25

13.0 of 25
How would you describe yourself?

14.0 of 25
Which weapon would you prefer?

15.0 of 25
Which command center would you prefer?

16.0 of 25
What inspires you most when times are tough?

18.0 of 25
People Mistakenly assume that you're...

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