Which Style of Classical Music Are You?

Teresa M.

Which orchestral stringed instrument do you like most?

Have you ever been to an opera?

What do you usually listen to in your car?

Would you say you are musically inclined?

Which composer do you know the most about?

How much do you like country music?

Which rock singer would you like to see do an opera?

Do you like any heavy metal music?

Have you ever been to a piano recital?

Which instrument do you think has the most beautiful sound?

Where would you most like to sit at the symphony?

How do you listen to music most often?

What do you find most magical about music?

Have you ever hired a string quartet?

What kind of movies do you like most?

Where would you most like to see a classical concert?

How do you feel about Mozart?

Has music ever made you cry?

How much do you love the Moonlight Sonata?

Are you more familiar with modern composers?

When are you most likely to play classical music?

Does music help to calm you down?

What kind of music do you like the least?

Which pop singer would you love to see sing with an orchestra?

Do you know how to do the waltz?

Would you ever like to try conducting an orchestra?

What do you think is the hardest part about being a classical musician?

Are you self-disciplined enough to learn an instrument?

Which instrument do you think is hardest to learn?

Would you ever like to sing in a choir?

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About This Quiz

Not all styles of classical music are the same! You don't need to be a virtuoso or a composer to take this classical music quiz. By the time we're finished learning about you, you'll feel like you can step into the shoes of any classical music conductor! Your love of music will come in handy, but it doesn't have to be strictly classical music. We're interested in your likes and dislikes across all genres. 

Once we've learned your musical tastes, we'll be able to best place you in the classical music period that you are most like. Whether you are open to new harmonies like the renaissance period or you like the more experimental stuff found in the modern era, we're confident we will be able to match you with the perfect classical music style. 

We want to hear about your personality, and we'll have you imagine playing in front of a crowd. The choices you make will tell us where in classical music history you fit in. 

Tell us which instruments you like most, and what music makes you want to run for the off button. From there, we'll pick up on the style of classical music you are at heart! 

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