Quiz: Which Summer Anthem Should You Blast from Your Crossover?
Which Summer Anthem Should You Blast from Your Crossover?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

With summer quickly approaching and many hits making their way to the top of the charts, which single should be your anthem? Take this quiz to find out!

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What genre of music is your favorite?

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Which of these concerts would you go to?

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Which of these songs is on your playlist?

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You know that it is a great summer song when you___________ every time you hear it.

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Of the four months of summer, which one is your favorite?

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What are you hoping for this summer?

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Who will you be spending most of the summer with?

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What style of sunglasses will you be rocking?

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This summer, your Instagram feed will be packed with pictures of…

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Which celebrity body is #beachbodygoals?

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Which of these drinks will be fully stocked in your fridge?

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Which body of water would you prefer to swim in?

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What color is your favorite swimsuit?

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Which of these pool floaties do you own?

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What number SPF do you usually buy?

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You and your friends decide to go to the beach; you are put in charge of…

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Which high school group were you a part of?

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If you and your friends were going on a road trip, where would it be to?

25.0 of 30
What are you planning to grill a lot of this summer?

26.0 of 30
Which of these ice cream flavors will you be eating regularly?

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The summers that you experience are usually…

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Which summer blockbuster are you most looking forward to?

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What was your favorite thing to do at summer camp?

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