Quiz: Which Super Mario Bros. Character Are You?
Which Super Mario Bros. Character Are You?
By: Allison Lips
Image: YouTube by ProsafiaGaming

About This Quiz

On July 9, 1981, Jumpman debuted in the arcade game "Donkey Kong." For his next appearance, he would be renamed Mario. The rest is history. The world immediately fell in love with an Italian-American plumber who has a fondness for exploring sewer pipes, red hats, blue overalls, and a bushy mustache. Two years later, Nintendo would introduce the world to Luigi, Mario's younger, taller, fraternal twin. In 1983, the Mario Bros. made their first appearance together in the eponymous game. 

It would take another two years for Nintendo to unleash Bowser, King of the Koopas, and Princess Peach, who at the time was Princess Toadstool, on the world. Other Super Mario characters would be introduced over the years. While Goomba appeared in the first Mario game, Wario, Waluigi, Princess Daisy, Toad, Koopa Trooper, and other now iconic Super Mario characters would not be introduced until later in the series. 

If you grew up playing Super Mario and watching the Mario movies, you're going to love this quiz. One and for all, you'll find out which of your favorite characters you are most like. Can you handle it if it turns out you're a Bowser? Will you be excited if you find out you're Mario? You have to take this quiz to find out! 

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What is your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?

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Which Nintendo game console do you miss?

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Other than Nintendo, what was your favorite video game console company?

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Which of the following is your favorite arcade game?

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Which Pokemon game was your favorite?

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If you were a video game villain, what would be be your main weapon?

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Which rhythm game series is your favorite?

10 of 30
What is your favorite Dreamworks movie?

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How much time do you spend playing video games each week?

14 of 30
What is your favorite car brand?

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If you had a blue collar job, what type of job would it be?

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Growing up, how many Pokemon cards did you have?

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Other than Mario and friends, what is your favorite Nintendo character?

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If you could learn another language in a week, which language would you choose to learn?

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What was your favorite movie based on a video game?

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Have you ever used a computer emulator to play a video game from an old game system?

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What TV channel do you miss?

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In your opinion, what video game is the worst of all time?

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Which game is your favorite game for your cell phone?

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What season are you happiest during?

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