Which Tattoo Reflects Your Inner Celtic Goddess?

Ian Fortey

If you don't have tattoos already, you may not know what you're in for. Do you have much ink right now?

Would you ever get a portrait tattoo done on your rib cage?

Who's the most interesting Celtic goddess?

There are about 1,001 tattoo styles out there. What do you think is your favorite kind?

Would you ever try getting a watercolor tattoo?

If we said "trash polka" to you, would you know what we meant?

Be honest with yourself here. What's your pain tolerance like?

Are you the kind of person who would get a quote tattooed on their body somewhere?

What kind of lettering would you use to get some words tattooed on your body?

Do you like black and gray or are you a full-color person?

Are your roots Celtic?

You're getting your knuckles tattooed! What will they say?

So what are your thoughts on face tattoos?

How many hours could you handle sitting in a row to get the perfect tattoo?

Would you ever consider getting the name of the person you're in love with tattooed on you somewhere?

Do you prefer serious tattoos or are you down with some meant to be funny?

How much do you tip a tattoo artist?

Obviously, this can vary greatly from artist to artist, but what's the most you think someone should pay for a full back tattoo?

Are tattoos the only bod mods you're into? What else would you consider?

Getting a tattoo is a pretty big deal, since you're permanently altering your body. How do you decide on an artist?

Do you want to show off your tattoos to the world or do you prefer ones that you can easily cover up?

The worst thing in the world is a tattoo that doesn't look like what it's supposed to look like. How would you react to an artist messing up your ink?

People always criticize tattoos by asking, "What will that look like when you're 80?" So what will your tattoo look like when you're 80?

What do you think is the best reason for someone to get a tattoo?

Some artists can make tattoos look almost lifelike. What realistic design would you go for?

A lot of celebrities have tattoos, but whose do you like the most?

No one likes every kind of tattoo out there. What trend in tattoos do you really hate?

Are you the kind of person who does a ton of research before getting a tattoo or will you get one just because you're walking past the tattoo shop?

Who's designing your tattoo for you anyway?

People on tattoo shows always have a story about what their tattoo means. Do you have a story for every tattoo?

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About This Quiz

Tattoos are arguably more popular than ever in the modern world, with many people turning to them as a form of self-expression. When they do, some people like to reference more traditional designs and methods. This often leads them down the road to various tribal tattoos. Often those are traditional Polynesian tattoos, but it's worth noting that the Celts had a long history of body art as well. In fact, according to some accounts, it would not be unusual for a warrior to run into a Celt on the battlefield who was covered in tattoos from head to toe. Tattooing has been around for many thousands of years, after all. Lots of different cultures had quite a bit of time to perfect the technique.

If you're feeling that connection with your Celtic heritage or even just feeling that you have a little of that Celtic goddess energy in you, be it Brighid of the Hearth or Cailleach, the Mother of Winter, or some nameless energy all your own, maybe a tattoo is the thing you need to fully express that power and energy to the world. The only question is which tattoo does that for you? It's time we found out!

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