Quiz: Which of the 12 Disciples Are You Most Like?
Which of the 12 Disciples Are You Most Like?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

One of the reasons we love the disciples so much is because they brought a human element to the story of a heavenly legend! Often loyal, protective, and devoted, the 12 disciples Christ surrounded himself with give us something that we can all relate to being from time to time. Dig into your inner faith during this quiz, and we'll take your personality, your likes and dislikes, and your reactions into account. Then, we'll reveal the one you resemble the most.

Are you brave and devout enough to want to be crucified alongside your savior? Or are you the type that would sell your best friend for a bag of silver? Tell us how you would handle things now and back during biblical times. Whether you could be found out baptizing people or spreading the gospel through your good deeds, we're certain you'll understand the similarities once we reveal them to you. You might not be going to work tomorrow wearing a robe, but you'll hold your head high knowing you're almost as saintly as one of the disciples. 

Confess your every thought to us, and we'll make sure you know where you sat during the Last Supper. You might be surprised whose sandals you are cut out to fill!

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