Which of the 12 Disciples Is Your Significant Other Most Like?

Kennita Leon

Which of these guys is your favorite disciple?

If you were to have a biblical job, which would it be?

Which sin would you be plagued by?

Where do you think you would have lived?

Which biblical meat are you more likely to eat?

Which of these people/beings, who shaped Jesus' life, are you most thankful for?

Who was Jesus the biggest threat to?

How do you think you would have met Jesus?

What would your initial opinion of him be?

For which of these reasons would you have followed him?

Which of his miracles would have astonished you the most?

What would you have done when they arrested him?

Which of these words best describes his crucifixion?

How would you have felt after getting the news that Jesus had risen?

Do you think you're going to heaven?

What do you trust the most?

Which of these words best describes you?

Are you more of a thinker or a conversationalist?

Are you good at multitasking?

Are you spontaneous or do you prefer planning things out?

Are you more organized or do you like chaos?

Do you shoot first then ask questions later, or the opposite?

Do you believe in your feelings or the facts?

Would you need evidence before you started believing in something?

How easy is it for you to turn your emotions off when doing a task?

Which of these negative traits belongs to you?

Which nation is calling your name?

Which of these animals are you most likely to bring home?

Which season do you feel most like yourself in?

If you could have more of one of these things, which would it be?

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About This Quiz

Jesus had 12 special followers that have come to be known as the disciples. Not to be confused with apostles, which were men who spread the word of Christ; kind of like ambassadors, disciples were students or followers of Christ. Just to be clear, all apostles were disciples (because how can you teach something you never studied?), but not all disciples were apostles. And although Jesus had thousands of them, there are 12 who stood out more than the rest. 

Often times, we look for a partner based on someone we've seen, admired or read about. And while it doesn't happen consciously, we end up being with men who usually fulfill a need that we have inside. Because you're a fan of the Bible and the people who were in it, we want to find out which of the men, in particular, which of Jesus' 12 disciples yours is most like. 

Will he be like one of the Sons of Thunder? Will he be like Peter, one of Jesus' favorite? Will he be like John, the outspoken one of the group? Or is he like someone else? Let's find out which one of the 12 disciples your man is most like in this quiz. 

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