Quiz: Which of the 4 Emotional Types Are You Most Compatible With?
Which of the 4 Emotional Types Are You Most Compatible With?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

While some might think that there are hundreds, or at least dozens, of emotional types, others, including Judith Orland, the author of "Emotional Freedom" say you can break it down to just four. If you figure out which one of the four you're most compatible with your love life will probably go a whole lot smoother. And who doesn't want that? 

There is The Intellectual, who is intelligent, logical and calm, but also doesn't connect well with their feelings, the Empath, who is a great friend that is sensitive and passionate, but someone who can be prone to anxiety and doesn't set good boundaries. 

Or maybe you would connect best with The Rock, and no we don't mean Dwayne Johnson, although that would be pretty cool. The Rock is strong, consistent, loyal and respectful, but can be out of touch with their feelings. Or who knows, maybe you would be best with The Gusher, who are people who are emotional and spontaneous, but who can sometimes turn into drama queens and need to share a lot, sometimes too much.

Whatever your emotional type might be, you probably want to take this quiz to find out. A little detective work now could save a lot of heartbreak later. 

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