Quiz: Which of the 4 Types of Communicators Are You?
Which of the 4 Types of Communicators Are You?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Everyone communicates differently, but do you know your basic style of communication? When you want to get your point across, how do you do it? Psychology has broken the way we interact down into four groups: verbal communicators, nonverbal communicators, written communicators, and visual communicators. As you go through the quiz, we will ask you questions designed to decipher the way you communicate best!

When you get angry at a friend, do you have a face-to-face argument, or do you prefer to write your thoughts out in a long email or message? The way you respond to our various scenarios during this quiz will reveal which of the four communication styles you utilize most naturally.

While communication styles are as varied as individual life experiences, the four categories are present in most people to some degree of dominance. Sharing the way you deal with your coworkers, your family, or the folks around you in the grocery store line can help us place you in the correct communication category. 

As you go through the four types of communication quiz, filling us in on your lifestyle and your relationships will help us find the answer you seek. Answer as truthfully as you can! Then, we'll tell you how you communicate best! Let's find out!

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