Quiz: Which of the Fundamental Four Personality Traits Is Most Dominant in You?
Which of the Fundamental Four Personality Traits Is Most Dominant in You?
By: Brian Whitney
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According to one theory, all of us are basically four special snowflakes. If you have never heard of the four temperament theory, it suggests that there are four fundamental personality types. Of course, you're unique and so are all of the other people in this world, but even though there is no one else quite like you, according to this theory, you can mostly be summed up in one of four different ways.

Are you Sanguine, someone who is always enthusiastic about life, who is always up for doing something and loves social gatherings? Or possibly you are Choleric, someone who has a quick temper, likes life to move quickly around them, and tends to be irritable? Or perhaps you are melancholic, the type that is a bit of a philosopher, who is considered wise by those around them and who tends to be quiet and reflective? 

Or maybe you are the last of the four fundamental personality types, the Phlegmatic, which is someone that is totally chilled out and spends their days relaxed and peaceful. You might believe that you know which type you will be, but sometimes what you think of yourself and what others think are two different things. Take this quiz to find out.

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