Quiz: Which of the Psychic Abilities Is Lying Dormant within You?
Which of the Psychic Abilities Is Lying Dormant within You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Maybe you don't believe in psychic abilities, or perhaps you scoff at those who claim to be able to see the future or communicate with the dead. While it is generally considered healthy to possess at least some level of skepticism, there seems to be some weird stuff going on in your life that opens you up to some previously unimaginable possibilities.

If you find yourself having dreams or random thoughts about a specific person, place, or thing that soon after shows up in your life, the gift of divination may be presenting itself to you. Additionally, if you also find yourself having a solid track record for guessing what the results of an action will be and answers seem to pop into your head out of nowhere, you are likely about to discover the full potential of your gifts for seeing the future.

On the other hand, if you find yourself hanging out in graveyards and you firmly believe in the existence of ghosts, then it's possible that you might be starting your journey of channeling those with unfinished business in this world. If you own a Ouija board and Halloween is by far your favorite holiday, then this possibility continues to look like a solid fit.

Are you ready for this weird and wild ride? Prepare yourself to discover things you never thought were possible.

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