Quiz: Which The West Wing Character Are You?
Which The West Wing Character Are You?
By: Jody Mabry

About This Quiz

"The West Wing" is widely regarded as one of the best dramas ever to grace American television screens. It's the story of a Democratic administration that aired over the end of the Clinton years and through most of George W. Bush's term in office. Despite its Democrat heroes, the show was fair to its Republican characters, too, including a variety of tough and principled right-wingers alongside its progressive core cast.

"The West Wing" was a show rooted in its lush cinemaphotography, soft focus, rapid-fire dialogue, long walk-and-talk scenes, and of course, its characters. There were ladies like tough-talking assistant Donna, who turned down better roles because she wanted to serve her country within the administration; fiercely intelligent Abby Bartlett, a doctor who would not be boxed in by the role of First Lady; and tiny but mighty Annabeth Schott, who spoke truth to power and could make just about anyone look good on camera. 

There were gents like deputy communications director Sam Seaborn, who always knew what to say (and in more than one language); military hero Leo McGarry, willing to lay down the law; and rising political star Matt Santos, the next Democratic luminary. Around them, there were still more nuanced and thoughtful characters who we all grew to love. Let's find out which one you most resemble!

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