Which Three Colors Should You Avoid?

Tasha Moore

Quickly, share your shower curtain's main color?

Are your bed sheets basic?

What color label did your last bottle of water have?

Which Disney character do you relate to best?

When hangry happens, what's your snack of choice?

About how many times a day do you lol?

Do you see the colors of your bathroom here?

How many songs in your playlist start with the same letter as your favorite color?

Quickly pick the shape of your preferred cereal?

What is your favorite hot beverage topping?

Describe your car's interior?

Where is your dream vacay?

Confess the color of socks you are wearing rn.

What cafeteria food do or did you avoid in high school?

What side order do you regularly order when you eat out?

Do you chew fruit or mint-flavored gum?

What is the color of the last chair you sat in?

Ghost emoji: Yass or Nah?

What kind of cats do you like?

What was the last writing utensil that you used?

Look up! What texture is your ceiling?

Should breakfast be eaten at any time of day?

Are you up on retro shows?

Do you dare reveal the size of your mattress?

Confess your most treasured condiment?

What shape does the best pizza topping come in?

Who's your history hero?

What time of day do you eat the most?

How long have you been following sports?

Which colors remind you of fun times?

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About This Quiz

Pro tip: Do not wear or interact with every color imaginable. This color quiz will legit show you what colors you should avoid when selecting everything from bed sheets to sweaters to Gucci flip flops. At the end of this colorful affair, we'll recommend three colors that are so extra you'll never wear them again.

It's simply not practical to embrace all tones. Colors are energy signatures that react with our personalities. No joke, have you ever seen a set of twins wear the same color shirt? Even identical twins will give off different energies when wearing the same style and color.

Your aura is the light that you project from the inside out, like a body halo. Since auras resonate levels of light, it makes sense that there is a risk of these radiances clashing with the colors you're wearing or have in your home.  In short, you want to harmonize with the right colors, just as you'd want to match the right shirt tones with the perfect shade of shoes.

Determine how best to match your aura. Get woke to which three colors to avoid ASAP!

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