Which Top Gear Host Do You Drive Like?

Mark Lichtenstein

What's the first thing you do when you set out to drive?

Manual or automatic?

Power or lightness?

Who makes the best German cars?

What is your favorite American car?

How many points do you have on your license?

What do you daily drive?

Which Swiss road do you like the best?

What do you like best about the BMW M3?

Which SUV suits your driving style?

Can you do a handbrake turn?

How handy are you at repairing things?

How do you come out of a turn?

What do you think of bicyclists?

How would you drive a car too powerful for its own good?

How do you parallel park?

Would you daily drive a Ferrari?

What is your favorite style of car?

What car would you drive to someone's funeral?

Which American highway do you like best?

Which traffic sign do you like the look of?

How do you modify your driving in the rain?

How do you attack a track?

How fast do you drive in a 75 mph speed limit zone?

What word would you use to describe driving in New York City, one of the cities with the worst traffic problems?

What do you think of motorcycles?

What is the best current car for sale in Australia?

What car would you turn into a boat?

How do you modify your driving in the snow?

Which Canadian road is the best for driving?

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About This Quiz

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and Tiff Needell were all hosts of the wildly popular British television show "Top Gear." And, each of them had their own driving style. Do you fancy yourself a driver on your own version of "Top Gear?" Which host do you think you drive like? Answer these 30 questions, and we'll tell you which host your driving skills most resemble.

We were sad to see "Top Gear" end, but we are still having fun rewatching each episode. And, we couldn't help but notice that each of the "Top Gear" hosts has his own way of navigating the roads in a "Top Gear" car. From the lumbering movement of James May to the gas happy Jeremy Clarkson, to the reckless mindset of Richard Hammond, to the experienced stylings of Tiff Needell, there's a "Top Gear" host who drives like each one of us regular folk. We've got to admit it, we do quite like the adventures of Richard Hammond. Who can resist rooting for him as he works toward totaling yet another vehicle on his way to prove that his own mortality? Yet, alone, the mortality of the vehicles he drives, is but a fleeting concept...

Let's find out which Top Gear host you drive like.

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