Which TV Family Is Most Like Yours?

Khadija Leon

Which of these words best describes your family?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your family?

With what letter does your family name begin?

What are you willing to do for your family?

How many people are in your family?

Do you guys argue often?

Does your family have a lot of secrets?

Do you guys swear around each other?

Which of these things is a negative about your family?

Does your family embarrass you often?

Are you the family favorite?

To which family member are you closest?

Did you come from a wealthy family?

How old is the youngest person in your family?

To which of these places would you go on a family vacation?

Which holiday do you enjoy celebrating together?

Which of these family activities sounds like something you would do?

Would you guys ever go on a road trip?

How would you describe your childhood?

How would your parents react to you doing badly in school?

If you told your family that you accidentally killed someone, what would they say?

The perfect family pet would be …

If you were to get matching shirts, what color would they be?

How would you feel about introducing your significant other to your family?

Would your significant other stick around after meeting your family?

In what type of vehicle do you guys drive around?

In what kind of home do you guys live?

In which room in your home do you spend most of your time?

What kind of movies do you like to watch together?

Which of these shows do you watch?

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About This Quiz

Since the invention of television and film, one of the most common themes has been family. Many of these shows force us to take a look in the mirror as they remind us of the very people we call family. 

From the families who are inseparable and seem to work out their problems by the end of the episode to those who don't always get along and from those who are family by blood to those which are blended or chosen family... they all have been portrayed in some way on the small screen. 

Some of the most popular families, whether they have long passed or are on air now, include the Starks and the Lannisters from "Game of Thrones," the Bradys from "The Brady Bunch," the Pritchetts from "Modern Family," and the Simpsons, the Waltons, the Sopranos, all from self-titled shows. 

Which of the many families that we have seen on television is most like your own? Will it be a family from one of your favorite shows, or will you be adding some new shows to your watchlist based on the outcome of this quiz? Let's find out together

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