Quiz: Which T.V. Mother are you? Quiz
Which T.V. Mother are you? Quiz
By: Ashley D.

About This Quiz

Which TV mom are you most like? While we have no doubt you are the type of mom that kicks butt and takes names, let's examine how your brand of expert momming  would translate to the television screen. Do you consider yourself more nurturing like Carol Brady or more of a spitfire like Sophia Petrillo? No matter which one you are most like, we're sure there's a television mom doppelgänger of you in a series or a sitcom!

Throughout television history, actresses playing televisions moms have defied social norms by putting their own spin on being a mom. Sometimes comical and sometimes endearing, televisions moms have brought a sense of realism to the most important role of all -- Mom! Whether you're a tough cookie like Caroline Ingalls or a wise-cracking comedian like Lucille Ball, your children are sure to see some of your traits echoing in characters they see on TV. 

Lock yourself in the bedroom and grab a cup of tea! Tell us how you react to your child's behavior, how you get everyone out the door in the morning and how you keep yourself sane. Then, leave the rest to us! We'll let you know which iconic television mom you're most like. Click away! 

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