Quiz: Which Underrated Princess Are You?
Which Underrated Princess Are You?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Miramax via youtube

About This Quiz

We all know what it is like to not be given the credit that is due to us, so we can relate to these princesses. Many of them have been overlooked or cast aside in favor of another - oftentimes the Disney princesses who have a large following and fan base. 

Much like real princesses, they wear beautiful clothing, they are well mannered and they all have duties which they must fulfill. Unlike real princesses, however, some of these characters possess superpowers or are under the spell of a magical being, often being one who doesn't mean well. 

Some of the princesses who have been deemed underrated include Giselle from the movie, "Enchanted," Odette from 'The Swan Princess," Anastasia Romanov from "Anastasia," Fiona from "Shrek," and Ella from "Ella Enchanted."

Would you like to find out which of the underrated movie princesses you are most like? When you find out who it is, would you even know who they are or what movies they came from? To find out the answers to these questions, you should definitely take this cool quiz!

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