Quiz: Which Unique Trait Is Hidden in Your DNA?
Which Unique Trait Is Hidden in Your DNA?
By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

Do you ever wonder how people can be double-jointed? Or do you imagine a world filled with genetically enhanced superheroes? The study of genetics has inspired countless questions and ideas. The discovery of the existence of DNA rocked the world, and humanity has loved exploring this aspect of biology ever since. 

Your genetics can give you some interesting abilities. Many people have conditions that let them dislocate their joints at will, frequently allowing them to fit in some strange places. Other rare individuals are entirely impervious to cold temperatures; they can function perfectly fine at temperatures that would normally kill people! Even weirder still, some people in the world feel no pain at all, not noticing broken bones until they bruise! 

DNA can do some really strange things to the human body. While these are extreme cases, almost everyone has a fun talent that can be attributed to special genetics. Maybe you have violet eyes, or you can wiggle your ears. This quiz goes through researched questions to tell you what your genetic special power is! 

Are you a little curious about your possible genetic superpower? This quiz has the power to reveal what is hidden in your DNA! 

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