Which Venomous Snake Represents Your Dark Soul?

Talin Vartanian

If you had superpowers, would you use them for evil?

What's the most mysterious thing about you?

Are you more shy or outgoing in nature?

Does anything make you nervous in life?

Do you tend to show affection to others?

What motivates you?

Can you control your emotions well?

Which type of villain are you?

Do you have a dark past that you hide from others?

What makes you jealous?

If you were one of the seven deadly sins, which would you be?

Are you more of a selfish or a selfless person?

Do you have more positive or negative thoughts flowing through your mind?

If your soul was an animal, what would it be?

How often do you doubt yourself?

If you had to play a villain in a movie, which of these would you portray?

Do you think that luck is on your side?

How often do you feel lonely?

Which of the following do you do to calm yourself down?

Do you wish you had more friends?

What do you feel insecure about?

How often do you show moments of weakness?

If you could have one wish in life, what would it be?

Are you hopeful about your future?

What do you eat when you're feeling stressed out?

Do you tend to blame yourself when things go wrong?

What's the best way to express your negative emotions?

What do you tend to procrastinate on?

Is your personality more like the sun or the moon?

Do you sleep well at night?

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Image: Mark Kostich/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Which type of venomous snake represents your dark soul the best? Would it be a cottonmouth, copperhead, king cobra or an inland taipan? There's only one way to find out and that's by taking this quiz! 

With exactly 30 questions about your dark personality traits, this quiz will determine which type of venomous snake suits your personality best! If you're ready, it's time to take this quiz right now! Almost everyone has a dark soul, or at least a bit of a dark edge to them. This doesn't necessarily have to come from negative or evil intentions, as selfish characteristics can also be a sign of a dark soul. The amount of negative thoughts a person has in their mind may also represent how dark their soul is, as well as their levels of pessimism. 

Some people also have a good soul, which means that they are kind, gentle and warm in nature. These types of people tend to do good deeds for the world, and may also have quite a bit of confidence in themselves. Whether your soul is very dark, or just a little bit dark, it's time for you to take this quiz right now!

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