Quiz: Which Venomous Snake Will Your Ex Be Reincarnated As?
Which Venomous Snake Will Your Ex Be Reincarnated As?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Nicolas Reusens/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Reincarnation and transformation have been pretty important parts of many belief systems over the centuries. All walks of life have believed that there comes a period of change and rebirth at some point in time.  The idea appeals to us in a very basic kind of karma way.  You act a certain way, and you will be rewarded accordingly, for better or for worse.  

The good people in this life who work hard and make things better for those around them can expect something much better down the road. And the not so good people well, maybe they need to learn some harder lesson. Their next bite at the apple could be a little less glorious. People like that ex of yours who you just know are bad news still. Maybe their next life is less soaring eagles and more side-winding, venomous snakes.

Everyone has that one ex, the one we wish we had never even met them, let alone get in a relationship with. But since you can't do that, the least you can do is answer some questions about your relationship so we can tell you what kind of venom-filled, legless reptile their next life holds in wait. Take the quiz and see!

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