Which "Walking Dead" Character is Most Like Your Mother-in-Law?

Khadija Leon

Which of these words best describes your mother-in-law?

Is your significant other very close to their mom?

Which of these colors does your mother-in-law like to wear?

How often do you speak to her?

Do you guys have anything in common?

Do you like your mother-in-law?

Does she approve of you?

Have you two ever argued?

Is it ever awkward when it is just the two of you together?

What does she want you to call her?

What does your partner say when you argue about her?

What is your least favorite thing about her?

Do you have a secret name that you refer to her by?

What would you trust your mother-in-law with?

How did she react to the engagement?

What would she do if she found out you were going to have a baby?

Your mother-in-law is calling your cell phone, would you answer?

Does she fight for the attention of your significant other?

You and your significant other made plans for the weekend when your mother-in-law calls for some assistance, what do you do?

You called dibs on making the Thanksgiving turkey this year, but later your mother-in-law begins to cry about how she usually makes it, what do you do?

Your future mother-in-law wants to come to your bachelorette party, do you invite her?

You give your mother-in-law a gift that she later re-gifts, how would you react?

Your mother-in-law ‘accidentally’ plans the family reunion on your 1st wedding anniversary, what would you do?

You recently caught the flu and have not been able to work or do your chores when your in-laws visit, what would your mother-in-law do?

Who pays the bill when you all go out?

After your few drinks, your mother-in-law turns into…

Which of these world leaders is she most like?

Which of these mothers-in-law in the movies is most like yours?

If you and your significant other were to escape, where would you go?

Would you leave your partner because of her?

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About This Quiz

We all know how terrible some mothers-in-law can be, and it comes as no surprise that people have been comparing them to villains on "The Walking Dead." Which one is your mother-in-law like? Let's find out!

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