Quiz: Which Was It: Ford or Chevrolet?
Which Was It: Ford or Chevrolet?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

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No other American car brands can match the kind of loyalty – and rivalry – of Ford and Chevrolet. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these two companies have been trading blows in elaborate marketing plans and on the streets.

If you really want to rile up your Chevy-loving neighbor, wax poetic on the Mustang’s beefy engine, “Mad Max” styling and agile handling. In response, you’ll likely hear all about the Corvette’s space-age body, fancy taillights and vertebrate-cracking quarter-mile times. You think you know all about these cars, but do you, really?

There’s a lot more to Chevy and Ford than two-door sports cars. Did you know, one of these companies sells the best-selling truck in world history? And that the other was founded by a Swiss-American race car driver who also had mad mechanic skills.

Both companies have had an outsize influence on American society, too. Did you know, one of these manufacturers completely revolutionized the way factory owners treated common employees? And that the other is a critical brand integrated into a much bigger company by the name of General Motors?

From the showroom floor to the NASCAR track, Chevy and Ford are two of the most important automobile manufacturers in world history. If you think you can match wits with these mechanical masterminds, take our quiz right now!

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