Which Weird AF Animal Combination Are You?

Emily Maggrett

What would you do if someone asked you to be part of a massive diamond heist?

How much do you like yourself?

Do you ever make silly messes, like getting flour all over the kitchen while baking?

If you never had to work again, what time would you wake up every morning?

Would you rather live in a hole or a nest?

Are you a good swimmer?

Do you have fluffy hair?

Would you like to visit Australia?

Are you more warm or aloof?

What is your hair like?

Are you resilient?

Do you get your way through diplomacy or stubbornness?

Are you timid?

At performances, do you often clap?

What kind of weather do you feel most comfortable in?

What do you like to eat?

Are you light on your feet?

Do you enjoy hanging out in ports and harbors?

Are you often late?

Do you enjoy grooming?

Are you assertive?

Are you slow-moving or swift?

Do you use your cuteness to get out of unpleasant duties?

Are you a good liar?

Do you have a lot of predators or enemies?

Are you loud?

Do you like humid weather?

Are you tall?

Could you win a fight with someone slightly larger than you?

What's your most powerful quality?

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About This Quiz

Are you as cunning as a snake? As timid as a rabbit? As playful as a monkey?

Or does your personality combine the silliness of a goose with the loyalty of a Labrador retriever?

Sometimes our personalities can't be summed up by simple metaphors such as "proud as a lion" or "lazy as a sloth." We can be proud and simultaneously shy, lazy and simultaneously determined.

In this quiz, we're not going to tell you that you're merely grumpy like a camel or brave like a wolf. Instead, we're going to diagnose your personality and offer up a weird AF animal combination that suits your unique combination of psychological traits. 

Maybe you're a blend of spider and giraffe: gentle but good at weaving complex plots. Perhaps you're a mix of tortoise and robin: slow-moving, but cheerful and bright. Or maybe you're like the mythical hippogryph, a creature that combines the power of a horse with the fierceness of an eagle.

There's only one way to find out which weird AF animal combination describes you — take this wild quiz!

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