Which Women's College Matches Your Personality?

Bri O.

What do you hope to discover over the course of your undergraduate degree?

Would you want to be near a large, co-ed university?

What do you find to be most distracting when it comes to succeeding in academics?

Are you religious?

What part of the country most appeals to you when it comes to picking a college?

Which is most important?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "college?"

What field of study most interests you?

How would you describe your gender identity?

Are you in need of financial assistance to pay for tuition?

Do you plan to participate in sports?

Are you a big football fan?

What type of area would you prefer to live in?

Would you want to enroll somewhere close to home?

How old are you?

What's the ideal class size?

What colors would you rather be wearing on game day?

Which mascot would you prefer?

Would you want to live on campus?

Would you feel deprived of certain interactions and opportunities (in regards to males) being on an all women's campus?

How long should it take, on average, to get from one class to the next?

How do you feel about squirrels?

Would you want a meal plan?

Do you have any pets you're hoping to bring?

What'd your strongest academic skill?

Do you enjoy liberal arts and general education courses?

Which elective would you pick?

Which do you take most seriously?

How often do you miss a homework assignment or paper deadline?

Why are you interested in women's colleges?

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About This Quiz

With more than 50 competitive options, choosing the right women's college is no easy feat. Answer some questions about your living preferences, attitude towards academics, and your goals, and we'll tell you which of the top women's colleges is best for you!

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